Associate Professor (Biology)
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Research Interests in Natesh Structural Molercular Biology (NSMB) Lab :

Structural studies of complexes of transcription regulators in infectious disease in particular proteins involved in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, signal transduction proteins in Cardiovascular Disease.

Life shows its spectacular colours in its myriad diversity, yet life shares certain fundamental common elements like proteins, DNA etc. Students and researchers can build upon knowledge gained from observations in simple models to study even more complex problems. Our lab aims to study the individual and complex multi-protein (protein-protein, protein-non native protein etc.) , protein-ligand (protein-inhibitor, protein-DNA etc.) interactions by tackling the individual problems and assembling them to get a broader view. Towards this we use two principle techniques viz., Protein Crystallography and Cryo Electron microscopy along with range of other molecular biology, biophysical and biochemical techniques.