Dr Ravi Maruthachalam
Associate Professor (Biology)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778175

Siddiqi, I, Ravi, M and Marimuthu, MPA. Nucleic acids and methods for producing seeds with a full diploid complement of the maternal genome in the embryo. Publication No. US 8878002 B2 Publication date Nov 4, 2014.

Chan, S and Ravi, M. Generation of haploid plants and improved plant breeding. Publication No. US 20110083202 A1. Publication date Dec 31, 2013. AU2010303635B2 (Australia) MX349747B (Mexico), EP2486135A4 (Europe) MX2012003981A (Mexico), WO2011044132A1 (WIPO), US8618354B2 (United states) RU2571927C2 (Russia)and CA2774941A1 (Canada).

Mercier, R, Nogue, F, Chan, S and Ravi, M. Synthetic clonal reproduction through seeds  Publication No. EP 2645845A4 Publication date: 05 Nov 2014. CA2819491A1, WO2012075195A1.