Dr Saptarshi Bej
Assistant Professor Grade II (Data Science)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778342

My academic background during my master’s degree at IISER-Kolkata was in Mathematics, with a specialization in graph theory. I joined Systems-Biology and Bioinformatics group at the University of Rostock, Germany, in January 2018, which provided me with a scope to explore Machine Learning (ML) and its diverse applications in clinical and bio-medical fields. I obtained my doctoral degree from the University of Rostock, Germany, in January 2022, focussing on developing algorithms for synthetic data generation.

Currently, my research is focused on the following two directions:

  1. Identifying practical problems in the field of clinical and biomedical data science and developing ML algorithms and workflows to solve these problems. For example, problems that I am particularly interested in solving are:
    • Clinical data used for decision-making are often multi-modal in nature, making it difficult to integrate for decision-making.
    • Sharing of patient data might be difficult due to privacy issues.
    • Clinical datasets are often small in size or imbalanced in nature. Factors like these hinder the use of machine learning on such datasets.
  2. Applying machine learning algorithms and workflows (developed during own research or otherwise) on real-life clinical and biomedical data to answer domain-specific questions. This is a more applicative direction of research involving acquiring real-life clinical and biomedical data (which is often a challenge in itself) and assisting clinicians and biologists in decision-making using machine learning techniques. A broader goal in this research direction is to promote the culture of data collection and analysis among local clinicians, thereby promoting personalized medicine at a grassroots level.

Any student or colleague who finds interest in pursuing similar goals is welcome to drop in an email! For students who are applying for a Master’s thesis kindly attach your CV and preferably your transcript. I prefer that students who plan to do a Master's thesis with me contact me well in advance (Ideally at the beginning of the 4th Year Second semester). A quality Master's thesis takes time; therefore, I recommend you start early.