Prof M M Shaijumon
Professor (Physics)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778122
We are broadly interested in Nanostructured materials and Energy Storage applications. Current research interests are as follows:
  • Multifunctional Hybrid Nanostructures:
- Synthesis of graphene and graphene-related materials by chemical vapor deposition and electrochemical techniques
- Two-dimensional layered materials
- Synthesis of carbon nanotubes and its composites
- Synthesis metal/metal oxide nanotubes
- Template-assisted synthesis of hybrid nanomaterials
  • Energy Storage and Conversion Devices
- Hydrogen storage
- Lithium ion battery
- Supercapacitors
- Hybrid energy devices
  • Environmental Applications
- CO2 capture and adsorption studies on nanoporous materials
- Design and fabrication of environmental sensitive nanostructured assemblies