Prof Anil Shaji
Professor (Physics)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778080

The common theme that ties together my research is the exploration of the different perspective on natural phenomena furnished by quantum information theory with the aim of gaining new insight into them. I choose to take the perspective provided by information theory in studying physical phenomena because I believe that information, quantified in a suitable form, has an important role - perhaps as important as that of energy and momentum - in understanding the natural world. In my view ideas from information theory, fundamentals of quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics and other fields have to all come together to construct a comprehensive understanding of quantum information dynamics.

As part of this larger program, my current research focus includes investigating the fundamental and practical limits on the measurement precision in quantum metrology. I am also working on some aspects of open quantum dynamics. The quantification and understanding of non-classical correlations in quantum states including but not limited to entanglement is another one of my research projects. The spin-statistics connection, the quantum Zeno effect and quantum entanglement in continuous variable systems are some of the topics I have previously worked on and am interested in pursuing further.

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