Dr Vijay Jayaraman
Assistant Professor Grade I (Biology)

I am a biochemist and structural biologist by training. I am passionate about evolution and design principles of biological regulation in the context of metabolic enzymes. Specifically, the "Evolutionary and Systems Biochemistry lab (EvoSysBio lab)" is interested in the evolutionary origins and the “logic” of post-translational regulatory strategies of enzymes like small molecule-based allosteric regulation and regulation by metabolon/anti-metabolon formation.

The lab will focus on the following areas in the next 5 years;

  • Understanding design principles involved in bifunctional antagonistic enzymes
  • Evolution and regulation of metabolon/anti-metabolon
  • Studying enzymes from microbial pathogens with 4Fe-4S-3Cys type clusters in their active sites
  • Design principles in the regulation of enzymes involved in ROS homeostasis

In our approach to address questions in these areas, our lab employs molecular phylogenetics, directed evolution, biochemical and biophysical tools, bioinformatics and high-throughput bacterial growth measurements. We have active collaborations for mathematical modelling and microfluidics-based approaches.