Listing tenders 51 - 75 of 2747

title Category Last Date
Supply and Installation of Modular Tables and high back revolving chair Purchase 2024-03-21
Minor civil works for providing grease traps in the Central Dining Halls and Cafeterias Project 2024-03-18
Providing false ceiling for the covered terrace area at first floor of CDH 1 Project 2024-03-18
Electrical works in new lounge area for School of Biology Project 2024-03-18
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer Purchase 2024-03-16
Supply and Installation of IT Equipments Purchase 2024-03-14
Providing roofing over the terrace at the first floor of Medical Centre Project 2024-03-13
Supply and Installation of Vacuum Filteration Purchase 2024-03-11
Supply of Lab Chemicals Purchase 2024-03-09
Supply of Split Air Conditioner Purchase 2024-03-08
Supply and Installation of -80 Degree C Deep Freezer Purchase 2024-03-07
Supply and Installation of Laboratory Refrigerator Purchase 2024-03-06
Supply and Installation of Mortar Grinder Purchase 2024-03-05
Supply and Installation of Petrological Microscope Purchase 2024-03-05
Supply and Installation of All in One Desktops Purchase 2024-03-05
Supply Installation and commissioning of Radiosonde Ground Receiving System Purchase 2024-03-05
Supply and Installation of Deep Freezer Purchase 2024-03-04
Electrical works in New Faculty cabins Project 2024-03-04
Supply and Installation of IVC System for animal housing with ventilator (Air Handing Unit), rack, cages suitde for housing mice Purchase 2024-03-01
Construction of weather ballon launch facility at IISER TVM Vithura Project 2024-02-28
Supply and Installation of High-Throughput Zebrafish Larval Behaviour Monitoring System Purchase 2024-02-26
Supply plain copier paper Purchase 2024-02-26
Supply DSLR Camera Lens Purchase 2024-02-26
Supply of Professional Large Format Display Purchase 2024-02-26
Providing masonry parition walls, false ceiling, doors, windows and other minor civil works Project 2024-02-26