Listing tenders 76 - 100 of 2080

title Category Last Date
Constructing two wheeler parking shed adjacent to existing parking near CSB Administration 2021-05-03
Providing protective fencing front side of shopping Centre Administration 2021-05-03
Aluminium partition work for Room no 2207A in CSB Administration 2021-05-03
Notice Inviting EOI for Atmoic Layer Deposition System and Cryogen Free Dilution Refrigerator Purchase 2021-05-06
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for Water Purifiers in IISERTVM Project 2021-04-29
Supply of 80W (max) LED Street Light Project 2021-05-03
Tender for furnishing lecture hall complex Administration 2021-05-06
Vertical extension to required panels of exisitng volleyball court fencing Administration 2021-04-23
Supply of Upright Biomedical Freezer Purchase 2021-04-14
Supply of Hight Field (20 Tesla) Magenetic Mini Coil Purchase 2021-04-08
Finishing works of roads in academic area Administration 2021-04-06
Supply of Magnetic Stirrers Purchase 2021-04-03
Supply of fume hoods, ducting system Purchase 2021-04-28
Supply of Automatic DNA/RNA extraction machine Purchase 2021-04-07
Supply of High Purity Gold Wire for Physical Vapour deposition Purchase 2021-03-30
Supply of 2D Material Crystals Purchase 2021-03-30
Supply of Laptop Notebook Purchase 2021-03-29
Day to day maintenance and repair works in IISER Thiruvananthapuram campus Administration 2021-03-29
Supply of Desktop computer Purchase 2021-03-22
Supply of XYZ translation stages and accessories Purchase 2021-06-07
Furnishing of lecture hall complex Administration 2021-03-31
Development and marking of outdoor volleyball court playing surface Administration 2021-03-24
Supply of Table Top Refrigerated Centrifuge Purchase 2021-03-15
Supply of RF Components Purchase 2021-06-07
Tender for painting works in agasthya hall of residence building Administration 2021-03-12