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title Category Last Date
Providing Stainless Steel Handrails near Shopping Complex Purchase 2023-12-29
Supply of Fire Hydrant Materials Purchase 2023-12-28
Supply and Installation of Electrochemical Workstation Purchase 2023-12-26
Supply Installation and Commissioning of Radiosonde Ground Receiving System Purchase 2023-12-26
Supply and Installation of Workstation Units Purchase 2023-12-26
Supply and Installation of Kessil Led Lights Purchase 2023-12-22
Shifting of High Value Equipment from Chemical Science Block to Biological Science Block Purchase 2023-12-22
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of RNA Sequencing Purchase 2023-12-21
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of LG Media Box WP 400/401 Purchase 2023-12-18
Supply of Laptop Purchase 2023-12-18
Providing ramp behind CDH-01 Project 2023-12-15
Supply and Installation of Hot Air Oven Purchase 2023-12-13
Supply and Installation of Rotary Evaporator & Vacuum Pump Purchase 2023-12-13
Providing and fixing flow meter in STP and WTP Project 2023-12-12
Supply of Movable File Storage System Purchase 2023-12-11
Providing chain-link/ barbed wire fencing at the boundary between IISER and stream near playground Project 2023-12-09
Dedicated earth station for Isquare lab at Common Instrumentation Facility and Lecture Hall Block Project 2023-12-07
Supply & Installation of Fume Hood and Laminar Flow bench Purchase 2023-12-05
Supply and Installation of Microplate Spectrophotometer Purchase 2023-12-04
Supply and Installation of High Current Electrochemical Workstation Purchase 2023-12-04
Supply and Installation of Air Conditioners Purchase 2023-12-01
Limited Tender Enquiry - Procurement of thin foam mattressess, pillows and bedsheets with pillow cover Administration 2023-11-30
Supply of Capacitors Swtiching contractors and reactors Purchase 2023-11-28
External Solar Street lighting along the road to Lecture Hall complex and Physical Science Block Project 2023-11-27
Construction of waiting shed near Phase II hostel Project 2023-11-23