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title Category Last Date
Supply and Installation of DAC and ADC modules for gate control Purchase 2024-02-09
Supply and Installation of PXI Chasis, PXI controller and AWG Data acquisition Purchase 2024-02-09
Supply of Desktop Computers Purchase 2024-02-09
Supply of Almirah Steel and Storage cum filling Cabinet Purchase 2024-02-08
Supply of Workstation Purchase 2024-02-08
Supply installation and commission of Radiosonde Ground Receiving System Purchase 2024-02-07
Supply Installation and Commissioning of Ultrasound Imaging System Purchase 2024-02-06
Supply and Installation of Laboratory refrigerator Purchase 2024-02-05
Operation And Maintenance Of Fire Fighting System Project 2024-02-05
Providing Stainless Steel Handrails along the side of dain from recharge lounge to PSB Project 2024-02-02
Providing partitions and other minor civil works for converting CSB 3201 & 3203 to research labs Project 2024-02-02
Supply and Installation of air conditioner Purchase 2024-02-01
Supply of Executive table, Modular Metal Drawer File Cabinet Pedestal, Revolving Chair Purchase 2024-02-01
Supply Power Factor Meter - Digital as per IS / IEC 60529 Purchase 2024-01-29
Upgradation of the Distribution Board in Physical Science Block at IISER Thiruvananthapuram Project 2024-01-25
External Street lighting along the road at the rear side of Visitors Forest Retreat and at the rear side of Residence Area Children's park Project 2024-01-24
Preventive maintenance of medium voltage (MV) panels installed in IISER Purchase 2024-01-23
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Laboratory Furniture Purchase 2024-01-18
Supply and Installation of Lab equipment Purchase 2024-01-15
Supply of Two Port Glove Box and Accessories Purchase 2024-01-10
Supply of Plain Copier Paper Purchase 2024-01-08
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Microinjection System Purchase 2024-01-03
Reconstruction of damaged RR wall, providing protective chain link fencing over the existing walls and resurfacing of the area with paver blocks near C3 quarters Project 2024-01-01
Construction of drain near CWC at IISER Campus Thiruvananthapuram Project 2023-12-29
Providing Protective handrails at the sides of open drains on both sides of road towards BSB Project 2023-12-29