Listing tenders 2401 - 2425 of 2765

title Category Last Date
Supply of HP Laser Printer Purchase 2015-02-24
Supply of Chalcogenide Fibre Cable and bare fibre Purchase 2015-02-16
Supply of Heat Engine Cycle Apparatus Purchase 2015-02-16
Supply of Top Loading Washing Machines Purchase 2015-02-16
Tender for Lab equipments Purchase 2015-02-10
Fully Motorized Fluorescence Microscope Purchase 2015-02-10
Supply of Paper Shredding Machine Purchase 2015-02-10
Supply of Desktop Computer Purchase 2015-02-10
Supply of Ambient Atomic Force Microscope Purchase 2015-02-10
Supply of Apple airport time capsule Purchase 2015-02-10
Supply of Plastic Waste Bins Purchase 2015-02-10
Civil works for renovation of existing QC lab Administration 2015-02-07
Electrical Works for Single Bedded Hostel Administration 2015-02-05
External PH drainage and site development works Administration 2015-02-04
Supply ofA3 & A4 Size Copier Papers Purchase 2015-02-03
INVITATION FOR BIDS ( Fluorimeter & other equipments) Purchase 2015-01-29
Supply of Digital Multimeter Purchase 2015-01-27
Recycled Water Storage Tank for Irrigation Administration 2015-01-23
Supply of Gel Documentation System with Software Purchase 2015-01-20
Supply of Desktop PC Purchase 2015-01-20
Improving the efficiency of Septic tank and Soak pit Administration 2015-01-16
Supply of Refrigerated Shaking Incubator with Illumination Purchase 2015-01-13
Supply of Vacuum Cleaner-Heavy Duty Purchase 2015-01-13
Supply of Refrigerator Purchase 2015-01-13
Supply of Refrigerator plus freezer Purchase 2015-01-13