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title Event Date
Cell death in Dictyostelium Seminars 11-03-2013
The role of a self-sustaining amyloidogenic protein in persistence of memory Seminars 08-03-2013
Cohesin promotes rDNA transcription and protein translation Seminars 07-03-2013
Molecular pathogenesis of viral/bacterial infection and inflammatory disorders Seminars 06-03-2013
Need for action amidst increasing virulence of bugs & decreasing efficacy of drugs Seminars 05-03-2013
Sensing and learning in insects Seminars 26-02-2013
Mechanisms of food reward learning in the honeybee Seminars 26-02-2013
Basics of Intellectual Propert Rights and its protection Seminars 22-02-2013
Moser-Trudinger type inequalities. Seminars 21-02-2013
Biogenesis and assembly of telomerase holoenzyme: role of La family protein p65 in telomerase RNA recognition and RNP assembly Seminars 20-02-2013
Systemic regulation of blood progenitor maintenance in Drosophila Seminars 20-02-2013
Perspective of Higgs searches at the LHC Seminars 19-02-2013
Molding the light emission and propagation using photonic band gap structures Seminars 18-02-2013
Structural colours and irridescence in plan Seminars 18-02-2013
Cytoskeleton in Seminars 13-02-2013
Light-Sound interaction in micro- and nano-structures: novel physics and applications Seminars 11-02-2013
Efflux Pumps In Clinical Drug Resistance Seminars 01-02-2013
Effects of solar UV radiation on cellular DNA: direct and photosensitized reactions Seminars 28-01-2013
III-V semiconductor Nanostructures:Fabrication and Applications Seminars 28-01-2013
On the topology of some random complexes Seminars 28-01-2013
Micromanaging neuronal network: Regulatory control of neuronal wiring and plasticity by microRNAs. Seminars 24-01-2013
A quantum physicist's view of hydrogen bonding Seminars 24-01-2013
Chemistry of Electronic Resonance States Seminars 23-01-2013
The complex of HNN-extensions for the free group of rank n Seminars 21-01-2013
Genes that Make a Vaccine Tick Seminars 19-01-2013