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Amphiphiles for soft matter and biophysics Seminars 20-07-2012
Insect pest management: ecofriendly approach Seminars 20-07-2012
Extremal Problems on Set Systems and Hypergraphs Seminars 19-07-2012
An invitation to algebraic geometry Seminars 12-07-2012
Colouring, Decomposition and Domination Seminars 09-07-2012
Polymers in Biology: From Physics to Function Seminars 09-07-2012
More is different: study of the collective properties of nanostructures for opto-electronic and photovoltaic applications Seminars 09-07-2012
The Science behind “1411”:Method of tiger monitoring in India Seminars 02-07-2012
Circularly polarized luminescence of aggregated molecular materials determined with molecular chirality microscope Seminars 25-06-2012
Open Innovation drug discovery Seminars 18-06-2012
Novel phases at magnetic instability and multipolar ordering Seminars 11-06-2012
Neural and endocrine regulation of energy homeostasis Seminars 16-05-2012
Systems Biology of Metabolism: Uncovering Regulatory & Protein Structure Networks Seminars 10-05-2012
Critical coupling to anti-lasers Seminars 14-03-2012
Building Academic and Clinical Partnerships to enable Translational Research in Indiaspecific diseases Seminars 14-03-2012
Functional Molecular Materials Seminars 07-03-2012
Competing interactions in magnetic systems: studies on some low dimensional spin models. Seminars 27-02-2012
Low Coordination Iron Complexes as ModelComplexes for Nitrogenase and Group 4 Metal Oxide Catalysts forOlefin Polymerization and Copolymerization Seminars 21-02-2012
Quantum gravity, space-time structure, and cosmology Seminars 16-02-2012
Beyond Fourier series: Fourier transforms and Hermite functions Seminars 14-02-2012
An Invitation to Large Deviation Theory Seminars 13-02-2012
Heterogeneity and Phase Transformations in Materials Seminars 10-02-2012
FtsZ assembly dynamics coordinates bacterial cell division Seminars 07-02-2012
Geometric flows without and with higher order terms Seminars 02-02-2012