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title Event Date
Isotropic-Nematic-Disorder Transitions in a System of Long Rods on a Lattice Seminars 11-01-2013
Transport properties of ballistic One-dimensional electron gases Seminars 11-01-2013
Alternative splicing unparalleled - mouse Y heterochromatin Seminars 10-01-2013
The Higgs Boson: Theory and Experiment Seminars 10-01-2013
Sirtuins are key regulators of nutrient sensitive IGF-Akt signaling in heart Seminars 03-01-2013
Topologically massive higher-spin gravity Seminars 27-12-2012
Computational Material Science - The Grand Challenges and Present Status Seminars 21-12-2012
Transport through Andreev Bound States in a Graphene Quantum Dot Seminars 18-12-2012
Honey bee dance language - a neurobiological perspective Seminars 04-12-2012
A Complex Regulatory Network Transcription Factor Foxp3 and its partners Seminars 03-12-2012
Drought, elephants and fire: the resilience of a tropical dry forest Seminars 14-11-2012
Signaling to chromatin: Tale of a genome organizer Seminars 08-11-2012
Pattern Formation in the Kinetics of Phase Transitions Seminars 08-10-2012
Dynamics of C-X bond dissociation in alkyl iodides by pump-probe experiments Seminars 06-11-2012
Resolving Cadherin Mediated Intercellular Interactions at the Single Molecule Level Seminars 05-11-2012
Graphene-based devices for applications in light-sensing and light-energy harvesting Seminars 30-10-2012
Composite fermions with a valley degree of freedom Seminars 29-10-2012
Mysteries of dark matter, dark energy and their possible connection to neutrino Seminars 25-10-2012
Maintenance and Repair of neural circuit Seminars 23-10-2012
The Congruent Number Problem Seminars 11-10-2012
Analytical Thinking Seminars 29-09-2012
Structural basis for the function and inhibition of an influenza A virus M2 proton channel (AM2) Seminars 27-09-2012
Coding Theory using Number Theory Seminars 26-09-2012
White-light-emitting-diodes and the role of nanostructured materials Seminars 12-09-2012
Centromeres and parental genome conflict Seminars 06-09-2012