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title Event Date
Low Coordination Iron Complexes as ModelComplexes for Nitrogenase and Group 4 Metal Oxide Catalysts forOlefin Polymerization and Copolymerization Seminars 21-02-2012
Quantum gravity, space-time structure, and cosmology Seminars 16-02-2012
Beyond Fourier series: Fourier transforms and Hermite functions Seminars 14-02-2012
An Invitation to Large Deviation Theory Seminars 13-02-2012
Heterogeneity and Phase Transformations in Materials Seminars 10-02-2012
FtsZ assembly dynamics coordinates bacterial cell division Seminars 07-02-2012
Geometric flows without and with higher order terms Seminars 02-02-2012
Dimorphic transition in yeast: A paradigm to understand cancer Seminars 30-01-2012
Bionanoparticle-Polymer Hybrids and Curcumin Conjugates for Biomedical Applications Seminars 23-01-2012
Magnetocaloric effect and magnetic cooling near a field-induced quantum-critical point Seminars 11-01-2012
Nonlocal Photon pair Entanglement in Intensity Interferometry Seminars 06-01-2012
Material Chemistry with Metal-Organic Framework Materials Seminars 06-01-2012
Atom Interferometers and the Gravitational Redshift Seminars 05-01-2012
Role of Metals in Semiconductor Assisted Photocatalysis Seminars 04-01-2012
Interfacing analytical- and numerical relativity for gravitational-wave astronomy Seminars 04-01-2012
Charge sensing spectroscopy in Si/SiGe quantum dot qubits Seminars 16-12-2011
Status of new japanese interferometric gravitational wave detector LCGT Seminars 07-12-2011
TBA Seminars 02-12-2011
The zoo of active galaxies: Seyferts, radio galaxies and quasars Seminars 22-11-2011
Taking coordination chemistry into nano-confinement: An efficient model for bio-inorganic chemistry Seminars 14-11-2011
Knowing your top from your bottom; Polarity decisions in plant development Seminars 08-11-2011
Moving Charges Through Nucleic Acid Sequences: Making Sense of Mechanisms and Rates in Dynamic Media Seminars 31-10-2011
Real-time observation of ultrafast electron rearrangement in molecules Seminars 24-10-2011
Structural studies of the molecular machine RecBCD Seminars 19-10-2011
Understanding plant-pollinator relationships and reconstructing past vegetation: proxy applications of pollen Seminars 29-09-2011