Dr Mathew Arun Thomas
Assistant Professor Grade I (Physics)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778297

1.  Tri-bimaximal-Cabibbo mixing: flavour violations in the charged lepton sector, The International Conference on Beyond Standard Model: From Theory to Experiment, BSM-2023, November 6 to November 9, 2023, Hurghada, Egypt

2.   (Assisted) baryon number violation, Frontiers in Particle Physics, CHEP, IISc, Bangalore, 2023

3.  Baryon number violation from confining New Physics, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 2446 012052, International Conference on Kaon Physics 2022 (KAON 2022), Osaka, Japan.

4.  Baryon number non-conserving processes, A new initiative for an underground facility in India, TIFR, Mumbai, 6-7 August, 2022

5.   Assisted Baryon number violation (Invited talk), Beyond Standard Model of Particle Physics and Cosmology, IACS, Kolkata, 21-24 December, 2022
6. Taming the epsilonK in Little Randall Sundrum Models, The XXVIII International Conference on Supersymmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions (SUSY 2021), Institute of Theoretical Physics,  Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 

7.  Universal Extra Dimensions and the Graviton Portal to Dark Matter, CERN, Geneva - November 2019

8.  Graviton Portal to Dark Matter, INFN, Naples  November 2019

9.  Graviton Portal to Dark Matter in Universal Extra Dimensions, Springer Proc.Phys. 203 (2018) 101-104, 22nd DAE-BRNS High Energy Physics