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67. Probal Nag and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Five-membered vs. six-membered ESIPT in 3,5-dihydroxychromone”
 J. Photochem. Photobiol. A, 448, 115353  (IF=4.3)

66. Probal Nag, Pragati Rohila and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“ESIPT and Anti-Kasha Behavior in Hydroxy-aza-[n]cycloparaphenylenes”
 J. Photochem. Photobiol. A ,448, 115296 (IF=4.3)

65. Anshuman Bera and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“ESIPT and triplet generation dynamics of 5-sulfanylchromen-4-one ”
 J. Photochem. Photobiol. A , 447, 115218 (IF=4.3)

64. A Kalaiselvan, Athira N, Ruth Mariam Ipe,  Sai Vamsi Krishna I, Alex Andrews, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa, and Sabapathi Gokulnath*,
“Stable Inner-2H Tautomer of N-Confused-Like Porphyrin Embedded with a Carbazole Subunit: Synthesis, Metal Coordination, Magnetic and Anion Sensing Studies"
 J. Org. Chem. 88 (20), 14377-14387  (IF=3.6)

63. S Athira, Saulo L L Silva, Probal Nag, Sushma Lakshmi, Sharath Kumar C, Debendra Prasad Panda, Sayan Das, Sarita Rajput, Andrews P Alex, A Sundaresan, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa, T Maitra5 and D Jaiswal-Nagar*
“Bipartite entanglement via distance between the states in a one dimensional spin 1/2 dimer copper acetate monohydrate”
 New. J. Chem. 25, 103002 (IF=3.3)

62. Probal Nag and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Ultrafast ESIPT dynamics of 4-methyl-2,6-diformylphenol”
 Chem. Phys. Impact 7, 100301(IF=2.2, Invited Article)

61. Probal Nag, Janaarthana Babu PM and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Significance of Nonadiabatic Effects on Efficient Triplet Generation in Lumazines”
 J. Phys. Chem. A, 127(37), 7739-7746(IF=2.9)

60. Diksha Pandey, Amol Verma and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Tunable ESIPT pathways in 3-hydroxychromone derivatives”
 J. Photochem. Photobiol. A , 445, 115039 (IF=4.3)

59. Reena Kyarikwal, Ritika Munjal, Probal Nag, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa, Suman Mukhopadhyay*
“Design and Synthesis of Hydrophobic Mixed Organogel with Complementary Hydrogen-bond Donor-acceptor Sites: Removal of Heavy Metal Ions Hg+2, Cd+2 and Pb+2 from Aqueous Solution”
  Mater. Adv. 4, 3603-3618 (IF=5.0) 

58. Akashdeep Nath, Probal Nag and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Unraveling the Variation of Photoluminescence by Pyridine N-addition in Thiazolo[5,4-d]thiazole-based Fluorophores”
  J. Photochem. Photobiol. A , 444, 114969 (IF=5.141) 

57. Anjana Prasad Nambiar, Probal Nag, Ruth Mariam Ipe, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa, and Sabapathi Gokulnath*,
“Conformationally-Locked Cyclo[2]Dipyrrins Linked with Anthracene Subunits: Synthesis and Chiroptical Properties"
 Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.,e202306566(1-5) (IF=16.823)

56. Sayantan Sarkar, Tanushree Ghosh, Argha Chakraborty,  Jagannath Majhi,  Probal Nag, Anasuya Bandyopadhyay, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa, Rajesh Kumar, Suman Mukhopadhyay*
“Exploring Redox-Active Ionic Porous Organic Polymer in Environmental Remediation & Electrochromic Application”
  ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 15, 5, 6970-6981 (IF=10.383)

(Our colloboration work featured in India Science Wire Magazine: https://vigyanprasar.gov.in/isw/Polymer-developed-for-absorbing-hazardous-waste.html)

55. Ruth Mariam Ipe, Athira Parammal, Probal Nag, Shigeki Mori, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa, and Sabapathi Gokulnath*,
“A Synthetic Model for FRET Constructed from Covalently Linked Porphyrin Dimers Through Pyrene Bridge"
 J.Org. Chem. 88 (9), 5780-5790  (IF=4.198)

54. Ruth Mariam Ipe, Anjana P. Nambiar, Probal Nag, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa, and Sabapathi Gokulnath*,
“Unprecedented formation of bis-calix[5]phyrins centrally linked with pyrene subunits"
 J.Porphyr. Phthalocyanines, 27, 1203-1211  (IF=1.914)

53. Anshuman Bera  and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Triplet state generation followed by the excited-state intramolecular proton transfer in 3-sulfanylchromen-4-one”
  J. Photochem. Photobiol. A , 441, 114700 (IF=5.141)

52. Sai Vamsi Krishna Isukapalli  and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Ultrafast T1 generation in pyrene-4,5-dione and pyrene-4,5,9,10-tetrone”
  J. Photochem. Photobiol. A , 441, 114695  (IF=5.141)

51. Argha Chakraborty, Sayantan Sarkar, Probal Nag, Rishi Ranjan, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa, Suman Mukhopadhyay*
“Exploring Multifunctional Applications of a Luminescent Covalent Triazine Polymer in Acid Vapour Sensing, CO2 Capture, Dye Removal, and Turn-off Fluorescence Sensing of Dichromate Ions”
 Mater. Chem. Front. 6, 3070-3083 (IF=8.683) 

50. Probal Nag and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Theoretical Study of Excited-State Dynamics of Hypercoordinated Carbon Molecule”
 Chemistrry, 5(1), 269-280 (Invited Article) (IF=2.1)

49. Prathibha Saini, Krishan Kumar, Mukul Sethi, ; Surendra Saini, Probal Nag, Mohan Lal Meena, Kuldeep Rathore S,  Anshu Dandia, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa; Shawn Lin, Wolfgang Weigand, Vijay Parewa*
“Photosensitized radical anions driven metal free selective reduction of aldehydes using graphene oxide as an electron relay mediator under visible light”
  ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 15 (5), 6970-6981 (IF=10.383)

48. Probal Nag,  Anshuman Bera, Neethu Anand, Ravi Kumar Kanaparthi and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Understanding the photodynamics of 3-hydroxypyran-4-one using surface hopping simulations”
  J. Photochem. Photobiol. A , 438, 114538(1-7) (IF=5.141)



47. R. M. Ipe, Probal Nag, S. Mori, Anjana Nambiar; Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa and Sabapathi Gokulnath*
“Synthesis, Structure and Optical Properties of a Bis-Macrocycle Derived from a Highly Emissive 1,3,6,8-tetra(1H-pyrrol-2-yl)pyrene”
 J. Org. Chem. 87, 15022-15030 (IF=4.198)

46. Probal Nag and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Variation in nonadiabaticity and dual fluorescence causality by extension with aromatic rings in tropolone”
 J. Photochem. Photobiol. A , 435, 114337 (1-9) (IF=5.141)

45. Chithra M J and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Unraveling the T1 formation in mono-arm styrylbenzene heteroanalogues”
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44. Argha Chakraborty, Sayantan Sarkar, Reena Kyarikwal, Probal Nag, Sivaranjana Reddy, Vennapusa and Suman Mukhopadhyay*
“Piperazine-Linked Covalent Triazine Polymer as the Efficient Platform for the Removal of Toxic Mercury (II) Ions from Wastewater”
 ACS Appl. Polym. Mater 4, 8118-8126 (IF=4.855)

43. Sai Vamsi Krishna Isukapalli and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Core-twist Reduces the Triplet Formation Efficiency in Brominated Perylene Diimides”
 J. Phys. Chem. A, 126 (42), 7606-7612(IF=2.944)

42. Sayantan Sarkar, Argha Chakraborty, Rishi Ranjan, Probal Nag, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa, Suman Mukhopadhyay*
“A bifunctional imidazolium functionalized ionic porous organic polymer in water remediation”
 Mater. Chem. Front. 6, 3070-3083 (IF=8.683)

41. Probal Nag, Anshuman Bera and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Rapid intersystem crossing induced by ultrafast excited-state intramolecular proton transfer in 3-mercaptopyran-4-one”
 J. Phys. Chem A (126 (37) 6407-6415 (IF=2.944)

40. Amritha Rayaroth,  Afna Elikkottil, Chithra M. J., Kalyanakrishnan A. V., Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa, and Alagiri Kaliyamoorthy*
“Regioselective Allenylation and Propargylation of Various para-Quinone Methides Using Alkynyl Azaarenes as Pronucleophile”
 Chem. Comm. 58, 10671-10674(IF=6.065)

39. Diksha Pandey and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“ESIPT pathways and optical properties of 7-Hydroxy-1-Indanones”
 J. Photochem. Photobiol. A ,432, 114073. (IF=5.141)

38.  Sharath C C, Amal Sebastian, Athira Suresh, Ranjit Singh, Akhil Chakravarthy Kakarlamudi,  Alex Andrews, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa and Deepshikha Jaiswal-Nagar*
“One-dimensional magnetism in a facile spin 1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet with a low saturation field”
  CrystEngComm, 24, 4910-4920. (IF=3.756)

37. Probal Nag, Sai Vamsi Krishna Isukapalli, Akashdeep Nath, and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
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36. Probal Nag and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
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35. Anshuman Bera, Probal Nag, Diksha Pandey and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
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 Photochem Photobiol Sci. (vol 21, issue 4)(IF=4.328)

34. Sai Vamsi Krishna Isukapalli, Probal Nag and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
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33. Akhil Chakravarthy Kakarlamudi, Sai Vamsi Krishna Isukapalli, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
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31. Chithra Mohan Jayakumari, Probal Nag, Sai Vamsi Krishna Isukapalli and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Exploring the Excited-State Nonadiabatic Effects in the Semisaturated Planar Tetracoordinated Carbon Molecule C7H4”
 Atoms, 10, 10 (1-11) (Invited article, Special Issue "Planar Tetracoordinate Carbon—Fifty Years and Beyond") (IF=1.8)

30. Akashdeep Nath, Gegari Thomas, Shivali Hans, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa, Sukhendu Mandal*
“Crystal Packing Driven Selective Hg (II) ion Sensing Using Thiazolothiazole-Based Water Stable Zinc Metal-Organic Framework”
 Inorg. Chem. 61(4), 2227-2233. (IF=5.436)

29. Probal Nag and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Unravelling the sub-100 fs ESIPT in 5-hydroxychromone using surface hopping simulations”
 J. Photochem. Photobiol. A , 427, 113767(1-8) (IF=5.141)



28. Sulfikarali Thondikkal, Behera Govind, Ajay Jayaprakash, Mori Shigeki, Kakarlamudi Akhil Chakravarthy, Vennapusa Sivaranjana Reddy; Gokulnath Sabapathi*
“Disruption of Antiaromaticity in Structurally Related Expanded Porphyrin-Like Macrocycles with Benzene Linkers”
 Org. Lett., 24, 1, 245-249. (IF=6.072)

27. DParthasarathy Gayathri,  Probal Nag,  Neethu Anand,  Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa,  Mehboobali Pannipara, Abdullah G. Al-Sehemi, Dohyun Moon*  Savarimuthu Philip Anthony* 
“Molecular Conformational Twist Controlled Wide Fluorescence Tuning and White Light Emission in a Single Fluorophore via Halochromism”
 New J Chem. 45, 22450-22460 (IF=3.925)

26. Diksha, Probal Nag and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
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25. Gayathri, Parthasarathy; Kanagajothi, Karuppaiah ; Nag, Probal; Anand, Neethu ; Sivaranjana Reddy, Vennapusa; Moon, Dohyun; Anthony, Savarimuthu; Madhu, Vedichi*
“Symmetrical and unsymmetrical thiazole based ESIPT derivatives: Highly selective fluorescence sensing of Cu2+ and structure controlled reversible mechanofluorochromism”
 Cryst. Eng. Comm. 23, 6769-6777. (IF=3.756)

24. Chithra M. J., Probal Nag, and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
“Surface hopping dynamics reveal ultrafast triplet generation promoted by S1-T2-T1 spin-vibronic coupling in 2-mercaptobenzothiazole”
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys 23, 20183-20192(IF=3.945)

23. Probal Nag, Neethu Anand and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
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22. Tamilarasu M., Chinraj. S, Chithra M. J., Rajat Singh, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa, Alagiri Kaliyamoorthy*
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21. Akhil Chakravarthy Kakarlamudi and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
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20. Debojyoti Mukherjee, Probal Nag, Albert Shteinman, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa, Ujjwal Mandal and Mitra Mainak*
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19. Aman Rastogi, Probal Nag  and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
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15. Chithra M. J, Vamsi Krishna Isukapalli, Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*
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13. Probal Nag and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*,
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9.  Neethu Anand, Probal Nag, Ravi kumar Kanaparthi* and Sivaranjana Reddy Vennapusa*,
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